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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Don't forget to take the Garbage Out
By PJDHuerta

Euodia and Syntyche, saints without doubt,
Would not take the garbage out!
They'd pray in the altar and sing in the choir,
Teach little children, to sing higher and higher.
They'd give of their tithes every nickel and dime;
They'd go feed the poor every single time.
Reading the Bible was fun to do;
Memorize scripture, they knew quite a few.
They would wash the windows and polish the sash;
They simply would not take out the trash.
Deep in each heart, it piled up every day.
They wouldn't let go, no siree, no way.
Each offense they remembered and harbored them near.
They could quote much gossip they happened to hear.
They knew every sin of every member.
Some dating back past the year 51, November.
Every fault, every error of each saint on the way,
They kept tight in their hearts -- refusing to say
"I forgive.  God forgives.  There is grace for you.
We can pray gaining strength every day, anew."
It piled high in each heart, the injury to self.
The things people said, stored safe on a shelf.
They remembered well every jot and tittle.
"You don't belong. You're too Ugly and Little"
In each brain echoed daily, the faults that were found,
The list of the failings, tossed round and round.
It kept them from living each day to it's fill.
It kept each soul in a permanent chill.
That garbage piled high it blinded the view.
Grumbling set in, depression, too.
Finally, Syzygus, in sheer desperation,
Called them aside, despite aggravation.
"You very well know God doesn't like grudges.
Here in this church, we can't act like judges.
Jesus himself set us an example.
On Love, we don't dare to trample.
Forgive one another; be friends; learn to trust.
Trample your differences into the dust."
And so they did, cheerfully, no bickering.
Not even a sneer or an eyebrow flickering.
They cleared out their hearts with a cheerful smile,
Remembering God's goodness all the while.
The Master came by and offered free
to cast it all out to the sea.
"Please do." they echoed with felicity.
"We need to be free of toxicity."
And so with a smile and a happy shout,
Euodia and Syntyche took the garbage out!

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