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Thursday, June 27, 2013

A New Phase of LIfe

My grandmother would never say the word "pregnant."   Even "expecting" was too explicit for her.  She'd rarely use "in the family way."    In those days, the young couple didn't make a public announcement.  It was spread through the family by way of the kitchen.   I remember my grandmother heralding the news to several women who were helping in the kitchen.  

"Jean is, well, you know. . ."

One of her younger daughters blurted out, "Mom, just say it.   She's pregnant.  She's pregnant."

That's how I'm feeling now.    No!!  Not pregnant!!  Reluctant to make the announcement.   I prefer to call it "A New Phase of Life", "Closing one door," "Making a change."   But, truth is, I've retired from my beloved profession of teaching.  It's not a joyous moment for me.   I'm faced with the fact that perhaps my strength and stamina are declining.  Okay.  My strength and stamina ARE declining.  I rarely even pretend to multitask anymore.  One thing at a time is more than sufficient.  Yet, I'm not ready for the rocking chair.   Nor the senior center.  If I spend too much time contemplating, I drive myself into a mild depressive state.  Today was one of those days.   Blah.  

Isn't it marvelous that God always knows what I need?  So today, he sent several angels of encouragement.  One after another, each reminding me of an era, people that I had helped.  Two of the four overtly thanked me for my help, influence in their lives.  The other two greeted me happily, in such a way that it left me with that warm fuzzy feeling of having made a difference in the lives of people.

Within the space of an hour, a senior citizen, a twenty-something, a thirty-something, and a teenager stopped to greet me.  All from differing eras,  each expressing appreciation for my contribution to their lives.  It was as though it were a "This is Your Life" episode orchestrated by God.  One from teaching, one from my years as an immigration specialist, one a former church member, and the other a random stranger whom we invested in.   Not an accident, I think.   God has a sense of humor.

And, I still can't say it without making an apology or an excuse.   I have retired from teaching.  But I shall continue, possibly in another profession, possibly teaching in a different capacity.   Certainly I shall remain open to the guidance of the Lord.   If he can pull such diverse people together in such a sort time as a reminder to me of his hand in my life, he certainly can guide my next steps.

I am retired. . . or am I?


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