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Sunday, October 24, 2010


We played dress-up.  I was the photographer; she was both model and director.   She made the "sets" -- the first batch were more complicated, but I was trying out my new camera and something happened to the memory card.   We lost all of them.  These are the "re-do".

And here, we're very tired.  "I didn't know a photographer and a model worked so hard.  It looks easy, like they just sit around.  Sitting makes you tired.  This is hard work."  I agreed with her!!!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Does killing my estrogen mean I have more testosterone?
I think I'm beginning to understand how men feel.  Today at the grands soccer game, I actually had to prevent myself from taking out a couple of dads... I so wanted to just stumble and fall and in the process grab the legs of a couple of idiots and take them down!!!   Sounds good, huh?   
The idea wasn't original; I'd seen a movie in which a woman with a cane would stumble, and, in the process of catching her balance, she'd take down some guy who'd just acted like  jerk.  The movie made me laugh.  Or was it a tv show? 

I'm blaming it on the hormone therapy.  This isn't hormone REPLACEMENT therapy; this is hormone KILLER therapy!    After hormone-laden breast cancer, they give stuff for five years designed to counteract the effect of estrogen.    Estrogen is that chemical which makes females soft and sweet, love puppies and babies, and go all helpless when threatened.    I'm thinking my estrogen is long-gone. 
Seems to me that testosterone must be much higher since the estrogen is gone.  Hence, the aggression.   Reasonable theory, I think.
Today, I controlled myself and didn't even respond to the ignoramous who said, "way to take those players down" when his little BOY gave my little grandGIRL a shove, and she ended up "gushing" blood.  (Her words!)  I was seething.    I controlled my self, barely.

I have 18 more months of hormone therapy.   Next year.....I may just take him down!!!


Monday, October 18, 2010

I'm Already Stuck and I Haven't Even Started
If you read my last blog, you know I've signed up to write 50,000 words in the Month of Novmber.   50,000 words.   How many is that?  Okay, I just looked it up.  About 250-300 words on a page if it is double-spaced 12 pt. type.  Not as bad as my first count that I was calculating at 150 words per page.  That's only 200 pages!!!   200 pages???   In 30 days.

Right now, I've decided to start by writing a 1-sentence summary of the book.   I can't even do that.   This book is about....uh.....someone trying to write a novel???  I really don't want to do a "seat of the pants" kind of book.  

I intend to set a fiction story in the foothills of the Ozarks -- where I grew up.   I've got a family figured out.   Three kids:  the eleven year old narrator, her older brother and younger sister.   I'm thinking a mystery?    Some kind of crime occurs....those hills are a good place to hide mj fields, lots of guns in use, so a murder over drugs???   Maybe.   But I don't have a one-liner.  I don't have three separate problems; I barely have the glimmer of an idea.

I think I'd better start glimmering quickly.   October is nearly over, and November first I must start writing.   In earnest!!

Hmmmm...  Think!!!  Think!!!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

How to Teach an Old Dog New Tricks

We were having a quiet worktime during science class.   A girl raises her hand and asks, "Mrs. Huerta what does "Grenade" mean? "  

I tried the standard answers:  a small hand held explosive..

"No.  When talking about a person.  What does it mean to call a person a grenade."

I don't think I've ever heard it.   Metaphorically, someone who explodes, as in a volley ball player who really gets into the game?

"No!  It was a girl on the sidelines."

Smeone who gets angry easily?
"no. She was like...a girl with long blond hai."

Long blond hair doesn't have anything to do with a grenade.   I turned to the young college student who happened to be  observing that day and raised my eyebrow??

Embarrassed, she stuttered, "I think it means an ugly girl"   Then in a whisper.  "It's used on Jersey Shore that way."

The student was satisfied with "Ugly girl".   HOWEVER, a couple of tables of boys who had stopped working to listen to the interchange, were giggling in that manner that all teachers know.  You just can see when 13 year old boys are thinking about ....  uh.... well, whenever the testosterone is flowing.  They were giggling like third graders, heads together, glancing over their shoulder, giggling more.   

So I walked to my computer and but in Urban Dictionary:  Joisee Shoor  (If you know what I mean).   And...a grenade is indeed an ugly girl in a group of "hotties" and in order for males to gain entree to the "group" someone must "throw himself" on the grenade in order for them to get action in the group if you know what I mean.

I was aghast.  First of all, that a term exists for that.   Secondly that my 13-year old students know the word and what it means!!  Apparently, more than the 20 year-old college student!  I called her over to show her the explanation on my computer and she had an aha moment.

Then she asked, "How old are these kids?"    

And we shared a moment of consternation in silence, staring at the students who were once again studying with heads bent over their books.

I suppose I shouldn't be shocked.  But bad taste and degradation never fail to amaze me.   I
realize that one cop-out would be that it is an expose' to demonstrate just how amazingly stupid certain groups can act.   but it isn't.   

It's a chance for decent people to live vicariously, live a life of degradation with all the cheap thrills that unlimited liquor consumption and unbridled human passion could provide while remaining safe on the living room sofa without the danger of STD's, the emotional, legal and physical danger that abandonment to the darker side would incur.  

But it's also a chance for young teenagers to find heroes and role-models who lead them to believe that fun and freedom is found in that same unlimited liquor consumption and the release of unbridled human passion.   It provides the opportunity for these children to learn from a dangerous source values that should be found in the classroom, in the family, in religious education.   

Unfortunately, the parents of most of my children are busy working two and three jobs, and are unavailable or unable to block such programs from their tv's.  

I respect the freedom of press, freedom of artistic expression.  But there's also something within me that asks:  "Isn't there a way to protect our children?   All of our children!!!"   And those students of mine?   If they are not able to find values and grounding somewhere, they WILL become a problem for ALL of us!!!  You can take that to the bank!  Or back to MTV.

And in the meantime, I must find some way to instill the value of common decency in these students.


Wednesday, October 13, 2010

  I know that bloggers are often frustrated writers, like me!!!   So I decided to post this!   I joined NaNoWriMo.  (Say that 5 times really fast!)   The deal is this:  During the month of November I have to post 50,000 words.   All must be written in November.   No editing.  (How could I edit? 50,000 words in a month?  That's a lot of words.)  For security you post scrambled, just to get the word count.  On their site, they have a "scrambler"??  I've never heard of that except for the CIA.  (You know, back when I was an operative!  LOL    That's a joke!)  I like spy novels and somebody is always scrambling something, even if it's only eggs! 

So, scrambled or not, I'm writing for the month of November.   I may resort to an all--nighter if I haven't finished by Thanksgiving weekend!   Yikes.   So my birthday present to myself will be --  50,000 words!!   Typos, bad metaphors, terrible dialog, flat characters and all.  No.  I'll take back the "flat characters."   One thing I'm really good at is characterization.    The mystery may be trite, the dialog flat, but the setting and the characters will be alive!!

How about you???   Ready to write?   Doesn't cost a thing!

Thursday, October 07, 2010


I opened a new blog specifically for ministry.    I'll still be posting here for personal, family and funny stuff.   The new blog is:  Beauty For Ashes

I recently did an interview with Dan Willis on "I'm Just Sayin'" TCT TV.   It will be available online for a few days longer.    AT:    I'm Just Sayin'    I give my testimony about God's grace when I was diagnosed with breast Cancer.  Through surgery and chemotherapy.

Monday, October 04, 2010


I could not resist publishing this. Funny since I've had anesthesia so many times, but it's still hysterical. In fact, I hope my doctors enjoyed their job this much. I also hope they were as good at their job as these guys!!!


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