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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

  I know that bloggers are often frustrated writers, like me!!!   So I decided to post this!   I joined NaNoWriMo.  (Say that 5 times really fast!)   The deal is this:  During the month of November I have to post 50,000 words.   All must be written in November.   No editing.  (How could I edit? 50,000 words in a month?  That's a lot of words.)  For security you post scrambled, just to get the word count.  On their site, they have a "scrambler"??  I've never heard of that except for the CIA.  (You know, back when I was an operative!  LOL    That's a joke!)  I like spy novels and somebody is always scrambling something, even if it's only eggs! 

So, scrambled or not, I'm writing for the month of November.   I may resort to an all--nighter if I haven't finished by Thanksgiving weekend!   Yikes.   So my birthday present to myself will be --  50,000 words!!   Typos, bad metaphors, terrible dialog, flat characters and all.  No.  I'll take back the "flat characters."   One thing I'm really good at is characterization.    The mystery may be trite, the dialog flat, but the setting and the characters will be alive!!

How about you???   Ready to write?   Doesn't cost a thing!

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