Life is not about waiting for the storms to pass- it is about learning to dance in the rain.

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

White Plains, New York
For the first time in a year, I'm attempting to do something resembling work for four consecutive days. Today was okay, except that I have a monster headache from sitting so long. (At least when I get back to teaching, I won't have to sit all day) I noticed some memory glitches, but for the most part I was able to function fairly normally.
I'm noticing my failure to focus now -- when I'm really tired -- but I managed to stay fairly focused for most of the day. After this week, I'll have a bit of confidence that in 4 more weeks I can handle all day on task. Although it isn't really the all day that will be the problem, teaching requires so much preparation. And right now, I have about enough energy to do this small blog -- and that's about it. And I did take my vitamin drink this morning! (Good ole' Vemma!)
Aah! Ta-Ta for now. I have had it!

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Just Thinkin' 'bout things

Deuteronomy 33:25
"As your days, so shall your strength be."
This scripture has always been a comfort to me.
It's a blessing given to the tribe of Asher,
but also a promise from God to be applied to my life.
He gives me sufficient strength for each day.
No matter what!

Yesterday was an interesting day. I managed to mess up on my disability paperwork here at the last minute and had to go see my doctors for re-certification. The questions made me start thinking about this past year and my state of health. Funny. The human psyche likes to forget unpleasantness and goes to great lengths to do so. that I'm feeling so much better than before, sometimes I think I'm really back where I started.

When I had to write it all down on paper, I had to focus on the deficits. The thing that worries me most about going back to work is the cognitive glitches I still have. If I didn't know it were chemo-effects, I'd be headed for the neurologist to see if I had early onset Alzheimers. I still can't multi-task. One thing at a time is all I can manage. At one point, I couldn't put a meal together (cooking requires simple multi-tasking); I can do that now, not as efficiently as before, but I can do it. I still haven't figured out how I can teach a class of 30 14-year-olds and not multi-task. My memory is "iffy" at best. I've always been a certifiable "space cadet", but it's serious now. I also have difficulty focusing on a complicated task. Hmmm. Is teaching complicated? When I mentioned the cognitive concerns to my doctor, he just commented that chemotherapy is very hard on the body. Normal function is supposed to return -- but he didn't say when. Then there's still the hand and foot neuropathy. Most of the time it's just a nuisance, but when I have to climb to the third floor quickly several times a day, and be on my feet all day every day, it's bound to flare up. Oh well. We shall see.

I was thinking that the class I'm taking next week (for four consecutive days) would be a good test of how I'll function in the classroom. But in reality taking a class is much easier than teaching one. But I will see if I can actually function for four full days without the stress of teaching.

I thought I did really well on vacation. For the most part I was my usual self. On the 1 hour hike, I was much slower than usual. I didn't go to the top--which was very difficult for me to accept that I had to stop before getting there! (Thanks Tom for staying with me all the way!) And there were lots of slow days with the girls, swimming and such. Even so, when I got home, I managed to get through a normal Sunday. Then for the next three days, I did very little. I did get pictures posted, but that was about it.

So....I'm going to be very happy to get back to school. I'll be even happier if I'm doing reasonably well after the first 6 weeks. (Report card time is always the most difficult)!! I'll just have to trust the Lord for that strength for each day!

Thanks for your prayers!


Tuesday, July 24, 2007



(and the audience who encouraged them!)


Do we have this much talent in the family?

Audience Participation!

or not!

Let's Limbo!

Can I limbo?

Not the way to limbo!

Did I make it?

Can this sister limbo?

Or can this sister limbo???

Cousins can limbo!



...and more limbo

Doin' the limbo

Limbo the night away!


Another Huerta..No, this is in London!
Not a Huerta!

Aah! here's a Huerta
Doin' the Limbo
(Yea, Yea the name is Finney)



"When a man loves a woman"

The Woman

Telling it the way I see it.

Hmmm...Haven't we seen them before?


And more crooning

Deano Martinez??
"Everybodee luvs zombodee zomtime"

"Wave on Wave" -- Kenny & Joyce (Green-Huerta-Dutro-Terry Duo??)

How much of this do I have to put up with?

Just too tired to move!!



Posing with Uncle Bob

Father and Son

Mother and Daughter

Fly that airplane, Ryan!
In from Arizona

And from the Land of Lincoln

A representative from the California Clan

The Illinois Huerta girls

And more Huertas from Illinois

A California Dude!

Making Connections

Beautiful cousins

Are these the singing Sirens in disguise?

A bit of conversation

Is that an appendage to your hand? Oh no it's just the camera!!

Asia and Alexa

Just Hangin' Out

Is it time to eat yet?

Praise the Lord and Pass the Posole!

All Dolled up!
Places to go and people to see!
Oh, and food to eat!


Are we having fun yet??

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My Bloginality is ENTP!!!