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Monday, June 29, 2009

Travel Notes

There are two choices for behavior in an airport. Some people pretend it's their living room and proceed to talk loudly, chew wildly and fart with affinity. Or maybe I'm the one who has the affinity for attracting such people. A 25-year old (who acts like he's 16) sits in the row behind me in the gate area. I'm quietly working on my computer. I have the noise muted; I'm behaving politely. HE, on the other hand, LOUDLY informs his friend of every move he's making on his video game. It looks like the same hand-held game that my 5 year-old nephew managed very politely in the car. Only this character does a play-by-play of his effort. If a reality show ever included a play-by-play of a video game, switch the channel. Or shut the guy up if it's in person!!


His friend responds quietly.

"NO YOU DON'T GET IT. I WAS ELIMINATED IN THE FIRST ROUND ON THE FIRST SCREEN AT THE FIRST LEVEL!" He screamed loudly enough to be heard three gates down in spite of maximum Sunday traffic at the airport. His laughter sounded like the screech of a stuck pig, only more annoying.

I got it the first time. Don't know why his friend didn't.

After devising and rejecting several scenarios in which he would be told (by me) to be quiet (not terribly politely but very effectively), I simply moved several rows away right by the window outside which the jets were warming up and right next to a two year old playing in the floor. Much more peaceful there!!

Oh yeah, the other choice of behavior for people at an airport. Act like me. Just like sheep. Don't disturb anybody. Don't tell the rude idiot to behave. Don't rock the boat. Just look the other way and keep grazing. Munch, munch. Baa Baa.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Travel Notes

I forgot my 3-1-1 today. I tried to get a 5 oz bottle -- only half full of hair conditioner through in my carry on. I must have lost the old Southern charm. She wasn't havin any of it! So with reluctance, I tossed a 5 Oz bottle half full of Mizani hair conditioner. That stuff is hard to find. It takes the frizz and the crimp out of my hair. So I'll be frizzy this trip.

Don't forget. It's 3-1-1. Let's see 3 oz of liquid in 1 1-quart baggie. Although I did have mine in a 1-gallon baggie and she let all the rest in. Warned me though. So I guess I'm half charmin'!!!

Gotta get this thing logged off. They should be calling for loading shortly.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

More things for which I am Thankful

  • That the windshield I saw splintered from the heat was not mine. (And that I'm able to pray for encouragement for the owner/driver.)
  • That my house has some air conditioning, in my office, in the bedroom, in the den. Whew!
  • That my car has adequate air conditioning...that works after about 20 minutes.
  • That my inhaler worked well yesterday to clear my breathing passages in this humidity...and that I haven't had to use it today.
  • That I have a job to drive to in this heat.
  • That I have a lovely shower with which to wash off all the sweat I'm now capable of producing!
Are these "thankfulness" entries a bit like prayer meetings with prayer requests "prayer for dear so-and-so. You won't believe what I saw her doing?!"

I suppose I'd better behave myself!! But truly, I am thankful for these things that help me cope with the heat!!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Things for which I'm thankful

  • That there is air conditioning at summer school which keeps the rooms less than 88 degrees That's truly a blessing when there is a 105 heat index outside.
  • That I'm recovering from the effects of chemotherapy and am now able to sweat buckets!
  • That my heat flashes are totally obliterated in the hot air...I don't even notice them at all. Maybe I'm not even having any. Maybe all the sweating is just from the heat.
  • That I wasn't nearby when the road exploded from the heat. The scattered cement from the crumbled curb looks like it could have done some damage.
  • That my car had no trouble going slowly over the 2 foot bump in the road created by the heat buckled pavement.
  • That there is a bathroom located only 15 feet from my classroom door so I can run when 4 hours of continuous teaching without a break wreaks havoc with my system. (You guess which system!)
  • That I'm still able to run -- okay at least trot a bit.
  • Did I mention sweating?
  • That it hasn't snowed in 57 days!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

T-Shirts, Diction and other aspects of human miscommunication

I was walking down the street three feet behind hubby because . . . I was just too tired to move fast. We were headed for our favorite eatery Al's Cafe. Hubby was hungry and hadn't noticed. I was thinking about how strange it looked for me to be trailing behind....I was contemplating foreign cultures...when I looked up and read the back of his shirt. It read: "I wish to communicate with you." I laughed!!

In the grocery store, the clerk says: "Twizzers ur soup ur savor!"

I glanced at the counter and saw a package of red candy where the "Super Saver" of the day resides and shook my head, paying very little attention.

Another clerk came up beside her, filling the change bins or some such work-related thing. I heard but didn't focus: "Posted jer trash tickets?"

I'm digging in my wallet for my debit card and hear again: "Posted jer trash tickets?"

"I wonder what kind of trash tickets checkout clerks have to post..." I thought as I continued moving things around in my very large purse.

Her voice is getting irritated now. "Posted jer trash tickets?" I glance up disinterestedly to see what the drama is about, and the full wrath of her glare catches me full in the face. "Posted jer trash tickets?" She spits it at me.

"Are you talking to me?" I ask looking around for somebody that she might be yelling at.

"Posted jer trash tickets?" She repeats it forcefully.

"I'm sorry. I have no idea what you're talking about. Am I supposed to post some trash tickets somewhere?" Totally confused.

"Postejer trash tickets?" Her mantra continues.

"I don't have any trash tickets," I explain uselessly.

"To buy any," She says.

"No. I don't want any trash tickets." I reply.

"Postej?" she asks.

Light dawning, "Oh. You mean, Do I want to purchase postage or trash tickets." I blurt out.
I thought you said, "Posted your trash tickets"?

"That's what I said," she repeats. "Postejur trash tickets."

"No. I thought you said, POSTED YOUR TRASH TICKETS and you said, POSTAGE OR TRASH TICKETS." At which point she shrugs, obviously not understanding. And we both were relieved to be away from that "other" dumb woman who can't speak/understand plain English!!!

P.S. SIGH. (But hubby was with me. He says he didn't get what she was saying either!)

Tuesday, June 09, 2009


It's a sneak preview of "Down By the Creek Bank" coming June 14 at JCC. But of course I didn't grab my camera until the solo was finished. (Granddaughter in the brown dress) And then my camera cut out for a bit. So I added pics and the track.

Monday, June 01, 2009

The silent treatment

I am garrulous by nature. A few years ago I had laryngitis and was ordered voice rest for a week. Conversations did not happen. The silence in the car screamed at me, and I hated it. Maybe he didn't mind. I didn't ask.

But I think I'm not very good about the silent thing. So a few days ago, I was irritated about something and decided to try the silent treatment. I answered with short answers if he asked questions. I listened to what he said and responded very briefly. I only brought up immediately necessary matters. But finally after a couple of days, I got tired of waiting for him to notice that I was behaving differently. At least I thought I was behaving differently. Maybe my short answers weren't short enough. And maybe those necessary matters weren't really necessary at all. Maybe I just like to talk. Or maybe he just enjoyed the relative silence.

He hadn't noticed. So we talked. But by then, I wasn't really irritated anymore. I just wanted to quit being quiet. So we fussed for a few minutes and it was all over. No drama. And he had to take a nap before we could even continue. I think after 39.75 years of marriage, the silent treatment doesn't work.

Or maybe I haven't learned to be silent. I may not be good at it. I am by nature garrulous!!

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