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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Things for which I'm thankful

  • That there is air conditioning at summer school which keeps the rooms less than 88 degrees That's truly a blessing when there is a 105 heat index outside.
  • That I'm recovering from the effects of chemotherapy and am now able to sweat buckets!
  • That my heat flashes are totally obliterated in the hot air...I don't even notice them at all. Maybe I'm not even having any. Maybe all the sweating is just from the heat.
  • That I wasn't nearby when the road exploded from the heat. The scattered cement from the crumbled curb looks like it could have done some damage.
  • That my car had no trouble going slowly over the 2 foot bump in the road created by the heat buckled pavement.
  • That there is a bathroom located only 15 feet from my classroom door so I can run when 4 hours of continuous teaching without a break wreaks havoc with my system. (You guess which system!)
  • That I'm still able to run -- okay at least trot a bit.
  • Did I mention sweating?
  • That it hasn't snowed in 57 days!

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