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Monday, June 01, 2009

The silent treatment

I am garrulous by nature. A few years ago I had laryngitis and was ordered voice rest for a week. Conversations did not happen. The silence in the car screamed at me, and I hated it. Maybe he didn't mind. I didn't ask.

But I think I'm not very good about the silent thing. So a few days ago, I was irritated about something and decided to try the silent treatment. I answered with short answers if he asked questions. I listened to what he said and responded very briefly. I only brought up immediately necessary matters. But finally after a couple of days, I got tired of waiting for him to notice that I was behaving differently. At least I thought I was behaving differently. Maybe my short answers weren't short enough. And maybe those necessary matters weren't really necessary at all. Maybe I just like to talk. Or maybe he just enjoyed the relative silence.

He hadn't noticed. So we talked. But by then, I wasn't really irritated anymore. I just wanted to quit being quiet. So we fussed for a few minutes and it was all over. No drama. And he had to take a nap before we could even continue. I think after 39.75 years of marriage, the silent treatment doesn't work.

Or maybe I haven't learned to be silent. I may not be good at it. I am by nature garrulous!!

1 comment:

dabrah said...

I can't stay mad for very long, and I'm no good at doing the silent treatment either. After a few hours I even forget what I got mad about.

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