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Sunday, June 21, 2009

T-Shirts, Diction and other aspects of human miscommunication

I was walking down the street three feet behind hubby because . . . I was just too tired to move fast. We were headed for our favorite eatery Al's Cafe. Hubby was hungry and hadn't noticed. I was thinking about how strange it looked for me to be trailing behind....I was contemplating foreign cultures...when I looked up and read the back of his shirt. It read: "I wish to communicate with you." I laughed!!

In the grocery store, the clerk says: "Twizzers ur soup ur savor!"

I glanced at the counter and saw a package of red candy where the "Super Saver" of the day resides and shook my head, paying very little attention.

Another clerk came up beside her, filling the change bins or some such work-related thing. I heard but didn't focus: "Posted jer trash tickets?"

I'm digging in my wallet for my debit card and hear again: "Posted jer trash tickets?"

"I wonder what kind of trash tickets checkout clerks have to post..." I thought as I continued moving things around in my very large purse.

Her voice is getting irritated now. "Posted jer trash tickets?" I glance up disinterestedly to see what the drama is about, and the full wrath of her glare catches me full in the face. "Posted jer trash tickets?" She spits it at me.

"Are you talking to me?" I ask looking around for somebody that she might be yelling at.

"Posted jer trash tickets?" She repeats it forcefully.

"I'm sorry. I have no idea what you're talking about. Am I supposed to post some trash tickets somewhere?" Totally confused.

"Postejer trash tickets?" Her mantra continues.

"I don't have any trash tickets," I explain uselessly.

"To buy any," She says.

"No. I don't want any trash tickets." I reply.

"Postej?" she asks.

Light dawning, "Oh. You mean, Do I want to purchase postage or trash tickets." I blurt out.
I thought you said, "Posted your trash tickets"?

"That's what I said," she repeats. "Postejur trash tickets."

"No. I thought you said, POSTED YOUR TRASH TICKETS and you said, POSTAGE OR TRASH TICKETS." At which point she shrugs, obviously not understanding. And we both were relieved to be away from that "other" dumb woman who can't speak/understand plain English!!!

P.S. SIGH. (But hubby was with me. He says he didn't get what she was saying either!)

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