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Friday, June 26, 2009

Travel Notes

I forgot my 3-1-1 today. I tried to get a 5 oz bottle -- only half full of hair conditioner through in my carry on. I must have lost the old Southern charm. She wasn't havin any of it! So with reluctance, I tossed a 5 Oz bottle half full of Mizani hair conditioner. That stuff is hard to find. It takes the frizz and the crimp out of my hair. So I'll be frizzy this trip.

Don't forget. It's 3-1-1. Let's see 3 oz of liquid in 1 1-quart baggie. Although I did have mine in a 1-gallon baggie and she let all the rest in. Warned me though. So I guess I'm half charmin'!!!

Gotta get this thing logged off. They should be calling for loading shortly.


Ballerina Girl said...

hahaha, this makes me laugh! There is ALWAYS something in an airpot/trip!


truth said...

I would have been very unhappy to throw a hair product away. Having curly hair (I know, I straighten it a lot) requires product-and they aren't cheap.

I would have gone back and checked my bag. I'm that bad. No wait, I would have remembered the 311. Some things are more important than they should be, lol.

PJ said...

Well, I'm not likely to forget the 311 again!!! But your right BG, there's always something. Just gotta laugh. I did decide though, that even for a short trip, I'm going to just check the bags. It's too hard to reorganize myself for the trip. I NEED a giant purse with EVERYTHING in it like I always carry. AND for a trip I NEED my computer in a bag with some books etc. Having just the computer bag with some personal stuff...and using outside pockets on my carry on suitcase for my meds and such just doesn't feel RIGHT! I'm too old to change my system!!!

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