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Wednesday, August 01, 2012


My fav accomplishment this summer was creating a Tea Garden out of my blah, empty lot, side yard. I'd tried making the back yard livable...but apart from the small deck, had been unsuccessful at making it livable. It always felt small and confining, the fence too close, not room to move if I put a table there large enough for the family. SO I solved it with ideas from a few friends, a few articles, some elbow grease, and the help of a couple of guys to dig and plant! Of course, it isn't finished. I must create something to divide that fire table from the front part of the empty lot. The girls and I are working on stepping stones. The paths with a few more flowers might be just enough to do the trick. We shall see! I might need a few larger plants -- I've never tried growing roses. Maybe next year will be the right time!! Here's the work in progress:

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