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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Does killing my estrogen mean I have more testosterone?
I think I'm beginning to understand how men feel.  Today at the grands soccer game, I actually had to prevent myself from taking out a couple of dads... I so wanted to just stumble and fall and in the process grab the legs of a couple of idiots and take them down!!!   Sounds good, huh?   
The idea wasn't original; I'd seen a movie in which a woman with a cane would stumble, and, in the process of catching her balance, she'd take down some guy who'd just acted like  jerk.  The movie made me laugh.  Or was it a tv show? 

I'm blaming it on the hormone therapy.  This isn't hormone REPLACEMENT therapy; this is hormone KILLER therapy!    After hormone-laden breast cancer, they give stuff for five years designed to counteract the effect of estrogen.    Estrogen is that chemical which makes females soft and sweet, love puppies and babies, and go all helpless when threatened.    I'm thinking my estrogen is long-gone. 
Seems to me that testosterone must be much higher since the estrogen is gone.  Hence, the aggression.   Reasonable theory, I think.
Today, I controlled myself and didn't even respond to the ignoramous who said, "way to take those players down" when his little BOY gave my little grandGIRL a shove, and she ended up "gushing" blood.  (Her words!)  I was seething.    I controlled my self, barely.

I have 18 more months of hormone therapy.   Next year.....I may just take him down!!!


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