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Sunday, March 12, 2006

The "Ranchon" is now full and running over every service. Even prayer meetings have outgrown the enclosed church building across the street. Much work will be required to enclose this area. Help us pray for funds to renovate the building.


A Book-of-Acts revival is taking place at La Vid Verdadera in Managua, Nicaragua. New people are being added to the church daily! Attendance at the services has increased from 400 to 700. Along with this phenomenal renewal, there has also come intense opposition to the preaching of the gospel. Several of the neighbors have registered their complaints with the city officials and are attempting to closed down worship at the church. Recently the pastor was cited to appear in court for disturbing the peace. Now the church has hired attorneys to mount its defense. It appears that they will have to add more blocks to their walls to make the building “soundproof”.

In the meantime, rocks are being hurled as parishioners make their way and return from church. Water balloons and urine-filled balloons are being hurled during the services, in an attempt to disrupt the services.

This is a testing time for a church in revival. Pray that God would bring confusion and chaos to the adversary’s attempt to hinder the new wave of God’s renewal. Pray especially for protection and provision for the church under the direction of Pastor Bismarck Quinto.

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