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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Tales out of School

I'm feeling much better today. The review for ISAT's went well. I managed to find current news topics for the persuasive practice that actually interested the kids. Instead of lack of interest, I had trouble reining in all the energy. They wanted to discuss, instead of write which is a wonderful problem to have. The whole point was to get them thinking before writing, not necessarily talking, but thinking.

Topics that actually interest 13-year olds?

Do you agree or disagree with this law?

In the south Louisiana town of Delcambre an ordinance prohibits the use of "Sagging Pants" that expose underwear. The punishment is a $500 fine or 3 months in jail for offenders. Several municipalities and parish governments in Louisiana have enacted similar laws in recent months.

2. Is this a good idea?

A high school in a nearby town has banned all purses, bags and backpacks from campus today as a security measure.

So we had fun in class today, writing topic sentences (on erasable white boards) and supporting statements. The big idea was individual freedom versus the common good, both great ideas from our founding Fathers. And I had fun saying: "that's a great idea, now write the sentence," when they wanted to argue a point.

Tonight I have "High Point" again...that's the class at church with the group in front of the "Taj Majal." Hoping to get a better picture tonight. I get in character as Dr. Aichen Paine! A non-compassionate lady! I do have fun in character. I think I should have been an actress!


T said...

That's awesome!
I WISH we had a law banning sagging pants. I hate them! They drive me crazy. How can that even be comfortable? But, then again, I am a child of the 80's and my daughter claims we wear our pants too high! hehe...

Linda said...

OOh, this is good. Did you know I have a teaching degree but never taught? Thought I wanted to teach HS English. Can you post their remarks anonymously? I'm dying to know what they said.

His Girl said...

I totally want to be in your class!!!

storyteller said...

I’m happy to know you’re feeling better and that the testing went well. I’ll bet the two topics produced some interesting writing on the part of your students. At my Middle School they gave the kids a choice of wearing gym shorts or using a ‘rope belt’ to keep their pants up … and it seemed to work for a while at least. As for banning purses, bags, and backpacks … I understand the reasoning, but I suspect it’s difficult for everyone to deal with. As I drive by local schools I see they’ve installed hangers outside the classrooms and backpacks are stored outside rather than in these days. We do live in interesting times don’t we.
Hugs and blessings,

Ann said...

I love it! That was an excellent idea in class. Very interesting subjects I agree. And the whiteboards, they haven't lost their magic I see :) The second graders loved them too! I agree with Linda, I would love to hear what they said.

And I love the name of your character, Achin' Pain :)

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