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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Yep. Not only do we have a fresh foot of snow on the ground, but at 4:00 a.m. an earthquake hit. The epicenter was about 40 minutes west of us, but it was felt strongly where we are.
Me? I woke up, wide awake. But at my age, that's not unusual. I did what most people do at my age when they wake up. I went to the bathroom, completely ignorant of what really awakened me. Just the usual middle-of-the-night urge. Even though it wasn't.
Isn't there a book like that for kids? Some kid is in his house bored, nothing to do. Ho-hum. Outside the window thieves are stealing things, people are dancing in the streets, a volcano is erupting, all kinds of exciting happenings.
That's me. Earthquake? Ho-Hum. Just a bathroom break!!! And that's life, well past 50. :)


Ballerina Girl said...

glad you are ok...better probably not to know!


His Girl said...

Earthquakes are pretty commonplace where I come from... you'd fit right in :)

PJ said...

The first I experienced in California, I awakened, sat up in bed and said, "I'm dizzy. If feels like this room is spinning."

To which my Californian husband replied, "You're not dizzy. The room is moving."

We sat there and waited. It stopped. We went back to sleep!!! LOL
A 7.0 up in the mountains somewhere!

Anonymous said...

Well my husband thought it was part of the house falling or something caving in because of failure to some "repairs and remodeling" he had been working on earlier. After thouroughly searching his work site and finding nothing, we noticed all of our neighbors walking around staring at their houses too. We later realized it had been the earthquake. DLP

Patricia Rockwell said...

Do you live in Aurora? That's where I am and I felt just what you did!

PJ said...

About 45 minutes north of you, Patricia.

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