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Friday, April 02, 2010

Such an interesting day. It was beautiful, sunny, warm. A marvel here in Northern Illinois at the beginning of April. I was setting up for a dinner on Sunday for extended family, with eighteen guests. :-)

I was looking for centerpieces for three table of six. and completion pieces for my place settings...I did the discount housewares round, the craft stores, the department stores and then for the glass pieces for some floating candles, the community thrift store. This drifting in and out of varied cultures reminded me of some reading I've been doing on Native Americans.

I plan to start next year with a unit on Native American stories and poetry, even cave painting to coordinate with the American History class they're taking. Native American culture always fascinated me. My great-great grandmother was from the Cherokee tribe. So I am Indian. But I don't have the culture, at all.

Tribes lived as one family, happy or not. They shared food and the necessities of life. An Indian wouldn't dream of eating when his neighbor had none. When a child was given a toy, say a doll, the child played with the toy until they tired of it. Then she passed it on to another child who kept it as long as she was interested. So a doll might be in the hands of 2 or 3 little girls in the course of a year. Amazing.

At at each place, I looked around me at the abundant "things" we enjoy and thought of the immense selfishness which pervades us-- I mean, me! And I'm still thinking. I really need to get rid of some "things", including attitudes and entitlements. I don't know what I'm doing yet. I just know that God is nudging me.

God, thank you for that little voice that speaks to me. Thank you for nudging me to examine values and attitudes even in the midst of shopping!! Let me have "ears to hear!" Amen!!

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Ballerina Girl said...

I agree that what we expect from our lives sometimes is just too much...I want to teach my kids that they are not entitled to their every whim! Hard lesson for sure....especially when we all struggle with these emotions!


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