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Saturday, June 19, 2010

The Road Home
a modern retelling of Ruth's Ancient Story
by Tommy Tenney & Mark Andrew Olsen

I did it again!!! I read and entire book in a day. I'm amazed at the healing that has taken place. For anyone new to my blog, nearly a year of chemotherapy preceded by a year of two major surgeries and several lesser procedures had left me without the ability to focus long enough to read an entire book, much less in one day. So I'm thanking God for healing and restoration.

And this book is about healing and restoration. There are any number of quotable quotes in the book, reminiscent of the author's father and the Tenney ability to turn a phrase! The story chronicles a prodigal's return to her roots (Naomi), and a lost child who finally finds a home (Ruth) told by a superb storyteller. Told as a modern take on the story of Ruth and Naomi, it brings to light the possibilities of redemption in a modern world. Spanning geography from Las Vegas, Nevada to Lancaster County, Pennsylvania it also provides a vista on the variety and beauty of Americana in the autumn. With characters complex enough to care about, it is an unforgettable story about forgiveness and repentance, well worth the day's effort to finish!!!

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