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Friday, February 22, 2013

Who's Ready for Retirement?

     I've been teaching for so long that it is difficult to think of myself in other terms.   teaching has become my identity.  Yet, I realize that the classroom is not the only place that I inhabit.  A teacher does not define nor comprise all that I am.   Still, that six hour chunk of my day is consuming.  It's consuming in terms of thoughts and ideas in my quiet time; it definitely inhabits most of my "purpose in life" thoughts and energies.   In a sense, it's right that it should; right that I spend so much of my time and energy on planning, purchasing supplies and paraphernalia, fulfilling plans and executing activities, lessons and exercises for the classroom.   Those little lives that are entrusted to my keeping are important.   My actions, words and ideas may change lives.   Now that's a monumental thought!

     However, just lately, I've been able to think of the near future when headed to a classroom everyday will be a thing of the past.   And I've been almost anticipating the relief that perhaps my tasks will not be so numerous, so time-consuming, so exhausting.  Almost.

     The uncertainty of what's to come is also part of my ennui in thinking about the future.   Most of the time I'm excited to be heading into the unknown, into a great new adventure.   And that is how I must think of this -- a great new adventure.   It will be an adventure to find myself sans classroom and perhaps cast into some new profession or project.   If I could just know what that adventure will be, I might be able to dredge up more enthusiasm.

     For now, I'll be satisfied with looking forward to discovering that enthusiasm!!


Michelle said...

Huge decision! You can do it. Best wishes!

PJ said...

Thanks!! It will all come out in the wash, right? :)

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