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Monday, October 16, 2006

Chemotherapy today actually happened. My white cells responded to the booster and were just barely in the normal range. I still have significant anemia. Maybe I should try just good old-fashioned Geritol. It was advertised for Iron-poor blood. Mine is! So far, so good. I feel okay tonight. But then last time it was the day after and the day after that when I had difficulties. I appreciate your prayers.

I still can't enter pictures. This computer doesn't have Moxilla Foxfire which enters the pictures on Blogspot much better than Internet Explorer. They just are not being read, although it says they are uploaded! I found copies in my email that I had sent out, so was able to get the pics stored on this computer. But, alas, further technical difficulties.

I suppose when my computer is up and running again, I'll enter a picture page of the progression of my hair. It's getting worse. The haircut worked well for sunday, but this morning the right side that I sleep on will barely cover the receding hairline (bald spot, actually). And on the top the part is about an inch wide. Today I could still more or less cover by combing backward (Not a Donald Trump overcomb!!) and having no part. But by tomorrow the right side will be gone and the top bald.

Solution: Tomorrow night Bradley is bringing his Barber clippers and off my hair goes. I'm thinking I'll do just a short male kind of cut--really short on sides and about half an inch on top. Kind of like a flat-top. Then I can still see what is happening, and use just my hair around the house, etc. But for going anywhere--the wigs are ready and waiting!!

It will be a metamorphosis in hair loss....I'll have to do a picture series.

God is good! Mercy and Grace, Lord.


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