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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

God is SO good!

Bob's birthday was today. The kids prepared soup and pie (Hubby doesn't like cake, but loves pie!) So early this evening we went out there for supper. (That's Southern for a light evening meal.) After supper we were sitting around the table and began talking about the neediness of many people this year -- at my school, the food pantry, etc. The talk went from there to some specific situations. By the time we left, there was a written plan...scribbled on a calendar and an eager participation of all of us. Both DIL's said to ignore the Christmas wish list I had requested and received earlier. They'd really rather help others. I won't toss the list, but we will be adjusting expenditures in order to minister in a greater way to those around us.

But on the way home, I began thinking about how blessed I am. Our birthday dinner turned into a ministry planning session led by one of my DIL's, with the other kids being willing participants. And I realize this is the answer to my prayer.

For years I've prayed that God would lead our children into ministry. We're getting older. Someone must take the torch. All of them are involved in ministry positions within the church that we pastor, but none of them are doing it the way I would have planned. But tonight a plan for practical ministry was developed for the Tuesday Bible Class. (The class was already scheduled to read Jack Hayford's The Purpose of Christmas.) This fits beautifully. Plus, we'll be having a giving tree in the Narthex besides some plans for our family to provide assistance in other areas.

Suddenly, I have this epiphany moment. This is exactly what they are doing: taking the lead in ministry. Accepting the call of God into the next generation. Not in a pastoral capacity the way I had envisioned, but they are accepting the Call. I am grateful beyond measure.

Thank you God for the way you work. Your ways are higher than my ways.

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truth said...

Happy Birthday Bob! This post blessed my heart. What an encouragement. I've been a bit down this week. I see a few relationships my children have that I feel could be setbacks. I need to think on the good.

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