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Saturday, October 03, 2009

Lost Time

What is it with time?? This afternoon I took to my couch for a little rest. I turned my cable to a romantic comedy that I know well. That usually puts me to sleep. I watched the first fifteen minutes of "How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days" before I napped for about twenty minutes. I woke up when she ruined the date at his house watching the Nicks game. And then just blinked a time or two. But when my eyes unblinked, I couldn't find the movie anywhere. An entirely different movie was on!! What is it with time? Where did it go?

Speaking of time and seasons, this afternoon my favorite discount "clothing and stuff" store was putting out Christmas decorations! Folks, it's October 3!!! This isn't even Australia; it's still almost three months until Christmas. What's worse, I bought a package of gold-tone pine cones and such. There were only a few of them and I need new stuff for the bowl that sits on the coffee table during the season. Oh well. Maybe I'll just move to Australia. At least there it's tomorrow, one day closer to Christmas.

And...I think when I came out of TJ's there were bits of snow in the cold misty rain that was falling!!! I'm just sayin'

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Donna said...

Came from Over 50 Bloggers! Like your blog! And don't worry...I do this to!hahaa...Have a great night!

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