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Friday, October 02, 2009

Yesterday's Brain Malfunction
and a shadow of one today!!!

8:20 - headed to school, with two stops planned. One for coffee, one for a bank deposit.
8:30 - Coffee purchased
8:35 - Drove past bank by 1 mile. U-turned, returned to bank.
8:40 - Drove past bank in other direction by 2 blocks. U-turned, returned to bank.
8:45 - Drove through Drive-through to make deposit. Oops No checks.
8:46 - Drove to school - Arrived with 5 minutes to spare.

11:30 - Went out to lunch with stop at house and bank planned.
12:00 - Finished lunch - drove 3.5 miles to house to get checkbook.
12:10 - Found checkbook -
12:11 - Drove past bank by 1 mile. U-turned (at same spot), returned to bank
12:15 - Drove through drive through to make deposit.
12:30 - Returned to work. Whew!!


Me: Oh, I forgot to give you that form. I'll put it in your mailbox.
Betty: Sure, no problem.

I go get form, go to office and place in a personal mailbox.

Twenty minutes later in the lunchroom.

Betty: You didn't put that form in my mailbox.

Me: Sure I did! Uh....I didn't?

Betty: (Laughing) Nope. I looked through every mailbox in the office. You put it in your own mailbox!!! Another Phylis-ism!!! (still laughing)

Me: (Laughing also)
I tried!!

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