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Monday, July 19, 2010

Biting off more than I can!

Ever think about something your parents did years ago and think, "That should be easy. I can do that."

I've always been secure in my ability to cook the old-fashioned way, from scratch. I make lots of old favorites just by throwing ingredients together: biscuits and gravy, chicken and dumplings, beans and ham, etc.

So when we changed a Tuesday night event to "Ice Cream Social", I figured I could easily mix a few batches of that old-fashioned home made ice cream we always made at my Grandma's house every 4th of July. I even remembered the old argument that always accompanied the mixing of milk, cream, sugar, eggs and such in the kitchen: "The junket tablet kind is better" was always my Dad's argument. Ice cream was the ONLY thing culinary he'd ever make. Maybe a pot of coffee if he got really desperate... But he prefered the "boiled" coffee!!

I decided to forget that old argument and just find recipes on the internet. (After all that's what Google is for!) and go for it.

I knew we wanted the custard kind of ice I have spent several hours mixing milk, cream, sugar, eggs, vanilla, in varying quantities and have come up with three batches of ice cream. Only one is actually frozen. The other two are in various stages of cooling down to be put in the freezer.

So tomorrow I shall spend with ice, salt and an old fashioned ice cream freezer in the hopes of coming up with two more batches of frozen stuff! It tastes good, so I've been more or less successful.

But let me tell was not easy the way it always looked.

Maybe...if I had just opted for the "Junket" kind. . .


Anonymous said...

You don't know your dad very well. He still holds the tradition of July 4th with homemade ice cream and he has perfected his skills with a secret recipe so he would not use the junket stuff either!!

PJ said...

Alright!!! Maybe it was Helen who was the junket fan! So do we inherit this recipe???

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