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Thursday, July 08, 2010

Out and About
Vehicles and drivers

What is it that happens to people behind the wheel of a car? Some guy today wanted my attention so badly he nearly ran me off the road trying to get me to look at him ... I think. The road is unfamiliar to me and suddenly the right lane I'm in is closing down. No notice that I could see. The left lane had just enough space between the car just ahead of me and a truck with a landscape trailer just behind me (Both in the lane beside me!). So I schooch over to get in the lane. The guy in the pickup lays on the horn. I politely ignore him. We're sitting at a 4-way stop. First thing I know traffic has moved up, and he's right beside me, half in the one lane, half in the oncoming lane.

I'm sitting there thinking, "How rude." But I won't look his way.

Then a hear the window roll down and a voice yelling, "Hey! Hey, you."

Politely, I refuse to look his way. I mean obviously he's not going to yield to let me in even if he hits the oncoming traffic. He keeps yelling. Demurely, I keep my head down and don't even listen. So I turn right. I don't play chicken with a vehicle twice as big as, make that my son's car!! Soooooo. Pretty much the only thing left for me to do is make that right unless I want to get in a screaming match with the pickup truck!!! Shish!! What gives a guy so much adrenaline behind the wheel of a truck??


I get a phone call today. After "dissing" me on the phone by pretending I was an answering machine, "Tell Pastor.... blah, blah," the guy rattles on. I made him acknowledge who I was.

"Oh, sure I remember you," I said. He then said hello. And of course he wants a favor.

Why would someone think I had forgotten him when he ditched on a project he volunteered to help me with? It's easy to forget mediocrity. But if you do a really bad job, you'll be remembered! Or, if you do a really excellent job, you'll be remembered.

But I didn't say any of that. Only that we were really booked up in July and August, but I'd pass the message along. And I did. I didn't even "forget."

And that's the news for today from Elgin's really beautiful Gail Borden Library.

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