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Friday, August 19, 2011


Sitting in my classroom this afternoon I opened an email that warned: " Two Worst Foods for Weight Gain." I, of course, was munching on hot wings dipped in potatoes and gravy. (That makes the best dip for wings!!) Yum! I stopped mid-mouth. Oops. No, I can keep chowing down. Two worst foods? Potato chips and soda. Whew! I didn't have either.

The next email contained five questions to diagnose ADHD:

  • Have great difficulty wrapping up the loose ends on projects?
  • Have trouble staying organized?
  • Miss appointments or obligations?
  • Procrastinate on big projects that require thought?
  • Have trouble sitting still?
  • Struggle with restless energy?

What? Like all the paper lying around my classroom; the stacks of chairs; the unpacked supplies; my home office that stays buried in piles of paper; my living room curtains that still need to be sewn (since Christmas); my habit of sharpening pencils. Although I generally don't have trouble sitting still. At least not my body sitting still. My mind, on the other hand, is most often a whirlwind. My body is tired enough of late that it isn't physical restless energy, but the mental kind sure. Get me some Rit*alin! Quick!

However, I have accomplished some things!

School starts on Monday, for teachers. Students come on Wednesday. I've been working for two weeks to get my classroom set up, books on shelves, bulletin boards up, desks arranged, curriculum ready for one more year. Today was productive.

  • Purchased and cut gutters to serve as book display.
  • Bought two new plants: a fern and a Brown-eyed Susan
  • Put posters on wall - (bought the tape with which to mount)
  • One more section in the writer's notebook (teacher version)
  • Bought last of supplies (I've spent at least $700 on supplies and stuff this summer)
  • Copies for first three lessons requested

This weekend: Finish the writer's notebook (And just maybe finish the curtains!)

Monday: Tidy up the room

  • Organize my desk area
  • Finish the PBIS brochure
  • Consult the core about the website, begin maintenance
  • Start core brochure

Tuesday: Panic because all of the above is not done!!!

Wednesday: Fake it really well when the kids arrive!! Aren't we excited about his year???

Well, folks. That's the first week of school for ya! I'll be sure and remember to leave off the chips and soda. So glad I read that!!!
Bulletin Board -- Done!
Gutters/shelves purchased
Me, doing the Vanna White thing

Boston Fern
Brown-eyed Susans
A poetry bulletin board
Another view of the shelved books and bulletin board
The entry welcome!
Aha!  Still to do!!  Papers everywhere!
More piles and stack of STUFF!

      Stacks and piles of other stuff!!

TaTa for Now!

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