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Friday, December 01, 2006

Things not to do on a snowy Morning!

1. Try Horse Radish flavored Oatmeal (even at your favorite restaurant!)
2. Drive more than 20 mph in a white out
3. Drive through Lord's Park (or any other scenic route!)
4. Try being efficient in making appointments or picking up meds
5. Skid left in your driveway into a snow bank.

Okay it's not as bad as it sounds. I followed most of my own advice, except 1 and 5. We were awake at the crack of dawn to get the jump on the snow storm (HA!). Bob had to get to work; I had a Dr. Appt. (An unexplained allergic reaction in my hands...I'm sitting here with steroid cream and white gloves on my hands trying to type.) But we made everything in time to stop for a bite at our favorite little spot. When the oatmeal came, it tasted funny. More than the usual coppery "chemo" taste I always have. So Bob dutifully sampled it for me to be sure I wasn't having hallucinations, and he said it was spoiled. We sent it back to the kitchen where we could see them checking the oatmeal. Then I decided to check the little plastic containers of brown sugar --- one wasn't sugar. Horse Radish does not work as a brown sugar substitute!! :)

Number 2, I followed faithfully and made the Doctor's office before he did. No difficulties except recognizing where to turn when the whiteout obscured the three-story building that was my landmark. I have now learned the name of the street!

I wisely avoided all scenic routes. Good ole thoroughfares for today with stoplights!

It took me from 7:30 until11:30 to make 1 doctor's appointment and 2 pharmacy stops. (My usual pharmacy only had one med I needed --- Natch. It was snowing today!)

And then for a safe landing at home, I missed the ruts which could not be seen anyway since the snow had recovered all the plowing and driving from morning and landed in snow that came up to the running board (dates me huh?) of the car. The car decided to stop. Fortunately our guys came along to shovel the walks and shoveled me out too before anybody decided to come into the drive behind me! Or into me!

Actually my little Taurus, purchased this summer, made a pretty good snow vehicle. It didn't slip and slide like the bigger cars were doing...It just refused to navigate thigh deep snow in the drive! (I just got an email from a friend reminding me that my car is a Stratus!!! -- Thus "little" --Just for the record it was a FEMALE friend who happens to know cars and,,,gives good directions!!) LOL

So goes the adventures of a snowy morning! Maybe I'll really get out later and take pictures for those tropical friends of mine.

I talked to my Granddaughters this morning. M was up at 5 a.m. helping Daddy shovel the walks and use the new snowblower. Exciting things for a 7 year old. M2 was mostly distressed that her snowballs were "crooked". She said she couldn't make a round one. I assured her that crooked ones work equally well, but she still wasn't happy with them. Her five year old brain is positive that round snowballs are better!!

Happy Winter!! (Oh, it's still Fall, isn't it???)


Pictures: Inside my living room; A peak out the front door while the guys are shoveling!!; The back patio from the comfort of my kitchen!

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