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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Photos from Grandparent Day at the girls' school last week. Both Grandmothers visited school and then went to McDonald's for lunch. Aren't they the cutest little dolls??? I felt pretty good...although after the McDonald's stop, I did go home and nap! Too much excitement.

This week, I had chemo on Monday. A new drug, Taxotere. Supposed to have less side effects...and I suppose it does. But I had a nausea episode today, right on sschedule. Noon-ish it hit like a ton of bricks. I had taken a quick trip to Ellis this morning...feeling tired, but okay. I got home in time to be sick. I plan to go back to Ellis for lunch tomorrow. We'll see if I can hold up!! The nausea from this one seems less severe than from the last, however. I still have really sore, red hands...I assumed from putting up Christmas trees -- I nicked my hands a bit on the branches. But they are read and swollen...I wonder if that's a side effect of this Chemo? If it doesn't get better I'll have to call the doctor.

I'm planning to rest more this week, then try to hit Christmas shopping next week. We'll see if these plans work out. I do have something bought for the little girls already, just in case I can't handle shopping between now and Christmas. I have one more infusion before Christmas.

Then one in January, one in February, a couple of surgical procedures and I should be out of the woods!! Thank God. I'll be so happy to be off the sick rolls for awhile.

God Bless!


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