Life is not about waiting for the storms to pass- it is about learning to dance in the rain.

Monday, November 06, 2006

Another week passes. Some days it seems my life is in a holding pattern, yet I know that in this, too, God has a purpose. Life isn't really passing me by while I remain static. Even at this slower more painful pace, life happens. Such an interesting lesson. Life is today.

I so recall anticipating our arrival in Ecuador as missionaries. It seemed to me that at that point, my life would start. I'd be doing "real" ministry. As I look back now, it's almost funny, nothing really changed except geographic location and the nature of some day-to-day activities. But those activities still including caring for two very young children, preparing meals, shopping, doing family activities, teaching classes and going to church. In truth the same tasks I'd spent time doing here in the US.

The proverb, "Life is a journey, not a destination" holds true now, as then. Life is in the living, the daily grind, the mundane activities of living. More often than not, it takes vision and purpose to see past the mundane, to see the purpose in what we do. So I'll leave you to ponder that thought. I don't think I can prose on about the purpose in suffering right now. Maybe later.

Besides Chemo last Monday, I got the flu. It seemed as though all the symptoms just morphed and I spent most of the week groaning and wondering if and when things would get better. I think I'm out of the woods now. I go get a CBC this afternoon; those blood count numbers tell all. I'll know then if indeed I'm on the road to recovery and ready for another session next Monday or if some other intervention is required.

On a positive note, I made it to church Sunday...missed Friday night. The service was wonderful. God never disappoints! Our youth group had participated in "Acquire the Fire" on Friday and Saturday and they were excited as never before. It's great to see the youngsters lively and participating. I also managed to sing, a bit breathlessly, but I made it through the songs thanks to our team who knows how to cover for me!

Jehovah Rapha!!


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