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Monday, November 27, 2006

I had a really good week last week with only two down days. Tuesday was a wipeout. But I was active and felt good the rest of the week. I helped my granddaughters make a gingerbread house; M did the little tree in the entry way all by herself; I decorated the tree for the living room; Friday night the choir decorated the church. My contribution was the tree in the Narthex with the help of Christy and Bismarck. Saturday I finished the stuff at the house.

It caught up with me Sunday afternoon though. After lunch I took a really long nap (uncharacteristic for me) and didn't do anything else all evening, except eat. I started taken the steroid prepping for today's treatment and did it ever give me the munchies!!

Today is the first of the new set of treatments. The Doctor is positive about this med. He says it has less side effects than the first. (But then he said the first one wouldn't cause nausea! Ha!) So...we shall see. These are also supposed to be further apart, three weeks instead of two. I'm not sure how to reconcile that schedule with the idea that this one is less toxic. Hmmm.

Wednesday was Grandparent day at the girls school. One advantage of disability is that I'm usually available for such events -- if they fall on a good week. Both girls' classes sang a couple of songs. And we visited in the classrooms for awhile. Fun.

M's birthday is today. All week she's been saying that when she wakes up Monday she won't be four any more, ever again. That seems to be an important and happy thing for her.

Pictures later. My default picture editor got set for Nero instead of Windows and blogspot won't accept Nero. I'll see if I can change things. (fixed it! Pics are up, but the "I" is floating up by the picture of M! Computers!!)


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