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Monday, January 22, 2007

chemotherapy update

Had another infusion today. This is number two of the Taxol reduced dosage amount. The doctor did say today that I'll have one each week for three week and then one week to rest. That makes it 12 weeks of therapy from Jan 15. I won't be finished until mid-April. That's assuming blood counts are okay each week and I stay on course. After 7 weeks of rest -- from November 27 til January 15, I still wasn't capable of working a full 8 hour day for two consecutive days. So, I'd say it will be then end of June before I'm feeling close to normal again.

Speaking of feeling normal...I can tell that symptoms are slowly creeping back with these every week infusions. But, I still am mobile most of the day -- moving slowly as has become my modus operandi. So, I'm grateful. No nausea...and THANK headaches. Whew! So overall, I'm better than I've been since I started chemotherapy! God is good!


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