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Saturday, January 20, 2007

My granddaughters and one of Marilyn's grandsons

Kristi, Phylis, Christian, Marilyn

Has it really be nearly three weeks since I posted? The blog tells me so. (At least until earlier tonight.) I should post an update on my condition.

Since the allergic neuropathy following my first infusion with Taxotere on November 27th, I was on rest from chemotherapy for nearly 6 weeks. I had another infusion Monday (January 15). The doctor decided to switch to Taxol and give 1/3 the normal dosage every week rather than the full dose every three week. Monday was the first dose.

I definitely know I'm back on chemotherapy: watery eyes, dry peeling mouth, really dry skin, digestive rumblings, increased fatigue, increased hot flashes (Yes! My personal Sahara has returned). I can still taste food, but the coppery taste is returning. But these are minor side-effects that are surmountable. I have not had the nausea, headache or neuropathic symptoms. Thank God!

So the thought is that this is working. However, I (that realistic me), must note that it is expected that there will be worsening of symptoms as the chemo continues, a sort of cumulative effect. The hope is that my body will process enough of the poison (sorry I can't resist calling it that) on a weekly basis that the new stuff will not create total havoc with my good cells and still zap the bad one. (How's that for a non-scientific explanation of chemotherapy?)

Thanks for your thoughts and prayers. Love to hear your comments.



Jennifer said...

Aunt Phyl, I haven't seen Kristi in so long at first glance I thought she was Jamie!! We need a family reunion badly..maybe in the summer when you're feeling better. I'm so thankful that you're not having the horrible nausea and headaches. I'm praying that continues. I have a funny little story to tell you but it would be better on the phone. I'll call soon. Love you!


PJ said...

Kristi and Jamie look more alike than ever....and yes we need to get together. I think Christian looks like Christopher when he was little.

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