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Saturday, January 27, 2007

The Kid Party on Friday night

Then the family party on Sunday
M2 tries on a bow.

I really like this picture of Bob.

Before dinner coloring time.

M1 with her new guitar.

Did you know there were chemotherapy effects in Bible times? Check out Genesis 29:17. Surely that was Leah's weak eye problem?? Or if that wasn't it, I can relate.
But...I guess if I'm down to complaining about runny eyes (and invisible eyebrows), I'm doing pretty well. And believe me, I'm grateful. Worrying about keeping pencilled eyebrows looking natural is a far cry from sitting in a chair staring blankly into space or, worse yet, sitting wishing I didn't feel like barfing up my socks. So, I'll take the eyebrow problems, use the wig most of the time and consider myself fortunate.

M2 just celebrated her seventh birthday. Here are a few pics from the celebration.

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