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Friday, December 23, 2005

One more visit to the hospital. I left a unit of blood this morning on the chance that I would need a transfusion at some point. This way it would be my own blood. And they took another test tube full, too--that's 26 (I'm counting) tubes plus the pint bag full. They say this is the last thing until next Wednesday when I check in overnight before surgery on the morning of the 29th. Check in overnight. Sounds like a hotal stay. I haven't actually packed, but I do have a small stack of books and things I want to take.

Last night I stayed up until we had the Christmas presents wrapped -- Bismarck helped me. He said he's learning a little bit of everything here. Bob helped too...he's great at cleanup and does an awesome gift bag!

We finished writing my Advance Directives (Living Will). That makes everything seem so real and a bit ominous. But I suppose it's something everyone should have. It's not that we haven't talked about, we have. But talking is one thing and writing it down and signing is another.

I go to Victor's in a few minutes for an interview and photo shoot with a reporter. She's doing an article about this "Chrstmas gift". I'm hoping a bit more publicity will encourage people to sign for organ donation. It's a miracle for Victor that someone close is a match. There are countless others just waiting. The difference in his emotional state since I've been approved is tremendous. It must be terribly difficult to be so ill and know that there is little hope your name will reach the top of the list in time.

The 29th is just around the corner. But in the meantime, I plan to enjoy Christmas to the max. One downer is that I can't do any strenuous activity for 24 hours from the blood donation this morning, so I can't play soccer tonight. I did play Tuesday night for a short period. I felt okay, but Bob was reluctant to put me in any more time.

Soccer not withstanding, I'm going to enjoy the time with the girls and the Christmas Eve service. Thank you God for life and health!!

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