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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Whenever I get a call from the hospital, it's as though the world pauses in its rotation; Earth's orbit ceases; the universe holds still. My total concentration focuses on this next task I must finish, the next step. For those few minutes, it's just God and me. Nothing else exists; nothing else moves.

They called today at 4 pm. Surgery is now officially set for the 29th of December. Doctors are scheduled; the OR notified, the anesthesiologist contacted. We check in to UIC hospital on the afternoon of December 28th. I must pack a bag.

M2 was so happy tonight; I could hold her again. After the biopsy I was told to lift nothing heavier than 10 lbs. M2 loves to be held almost as much as I love to hold her. Just to think that in a few months, not only will I be able to hold M2, but Victor will be able to hold Sammy again!

Thank you God for miraculous things whether wrought diectly by Your hand or indirectly through ministry of others -- in this case, the Doctors. Guide us, Lord.

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