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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

How can I say thanks for your care and concern, your prayers and well wishes? Just, "Thanks" doesn't seem enough. Tomorrow will be two weeks since surgery; a week ago today I came home from the hospital. I'm moving slowly, but moving. God has been good! I now sleep most of the night, less during the day. What is it about hospitals? They mix up your days and nights! I went for a check up on Monday and everything is healing fine. My liver is working and everything else seems good as well. The incision, of course, is large, but healing well.

Victor is progressing slowly, but steadily. There is no sign of organ rejection; the liver is working. He still has a long way to go for good health, but it's closer every day. According to the surgeon, the transplant was just in the nick of time. The small piece of liver he had left from the resection almost a year ago was reinfested with tumors. He had a matter of weeks left to live. God is SOOOOO good!

I still tire easily, so these updates will be brief. But...thank you again for your prayers. Keep praying for Victor. He needs God's grace daily, as do we all.

God Bless you everyone.

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