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Monday, January 16, 2006

Keep praying for Victor. For the last three days, he's been struggling with an infection of one of the bile ducts. Today they're taking him for surgery to remove the infected tissue. It breaks my heart to know he's still coping with surgeries...but the doctors say that it is all part of the expected course of transplants. It may take several months for him to be restored to health. And...I know that God is able to sustain Victor and give him peace. He's been sedated for these days and only occasionally is able to speak and know what's happening. Just keep praying.

As for me, I'm steadily recooperating. I'm still sleeping a lot, probably 12-14 hours a day. I guess that is good. My body is healing. I did sing Sunday morning and was exhausted afterward, but it was good exercise for my lungs. It really only hurts when I cough, or laugh! Otherwise, I'm comfortable, just low energy.

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