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Saturday, January 21, 2006

THANKS FOR YOUR PRAYERS! By 11:15 when we actually got on the tollway to head for the hospital, Victor's blood pressure had stabilized. Thanks for your prayers. He's still in critical condition, but once again is stable. Doctors say that healing will come in very small increments. They've done an EKG and his heart is working well; his liver is working well; the kidneys continue to be a problem. I'm not sure I really understand, but the destabilization had something to do with the volume of fluid going into his body and the volume of fluid coming out of his body not being balanced. The heart was simply surrounded by too much fluid in the body cavity (not enough coming out) to maintain a steady flow of blood supplied by fluid going into the veins.

It's really difficult to see him this way. But...I don't believe that God has brought us this far to leave us now!!

The good news is that I was up all day and most of the night (we got back here about 3:30 AM) and have suffered no ill effects. My recovery is progressing well.

Please keep praying!

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