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Monday, January 23, 2006

I had my 4 week check-up today (3 days early) and I'm healing fine. I left blood for labs and those results will come later, but no bad news is expected. Everything seems to be fine. The Doctors said today that by now about 90% of my liver should be regrown! That's amazing. I knew that within 3 months it would bet totally there and completely functioning. But I guess the early growth is faster. And later growth involves finer points of liver function. Go figure.

An addendum to Friday night. Sammy did not go see his father. Rodney didn't want to take him out that late and into the snow storm of the season. Although Victor was stabilized by the time we got there, I really don't think it would have been good for Sammy. Victor still looked bad. God knows all thing!

Saturday and Sunday Victor remained stable. They lowered sedatives and paralytics, and he was able to move his arms and to respond some. Today his blood pressure dipped a bit. They went in laparoscopically to change the stint in the bile duct and discovered bile leakage. Then they had to open him again to fix the leak. Another surgery. The good thing is that Victor is so sedated that most of this experience, he won't even remember.

Marta called today about the laparoscopic surgery and then later when they had to operate asking for prayer. Although a bile leak is a fairly common complication for liver transplants and re-sections, Victor's condition is critical so the procedure is fairly high risk. Please keep praying. We so much appreciate you prayer coverning.


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