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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

I have regained my taste for coffee. Does that mean I'm an adult again??? One interesting side effect of the liver resection has been my change in food tastes. Doctors said I could eat anything I wanted, but some foods have not appealed to me, mostly acidic or very strong flavored foods. (I've been in a bland phase) Among them was coffee, my former all-time favorite drink. For guests last night I opened a fresh bag of Nicaraguan coffee beans, added a bit of Mexican cinnamon bark to the grinder and , voila, a delicious brew. It smelled so good I decided to try once again. To my delight, I actually liked it!! I write, there's a small cup of Carobou mocha sitting at my right hand! Note, small rather than the 24 ounce cups I consumed before. Moderation!

I've still not returned to work. I'm thinking maybe one more week, if the Dr. will agree. I still experience pain and fatigue if I attempt anything resembling a full day's work....a full week I haven't even tried.

Victor continues recooperating slowly. I haven't heard from Marta in the last couple of days which usually means that there are no significant changes. Major steps forward or difficulties she always reports immediately.

Thanks again for your prayers for Victor's continued recovery.


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