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Thursday, February 09, 2006

I talked to Marta yesterday. Victor continues to improve. However, the difficulties continue as well. Doctors do not agree as to whether he has a bile leak or not. Some say yes, some say no. Exploratory surgery is a possibility. Needless to say, Victor is not wanting another surgery. The good news is that he is now aware of what is being proposed. The infection continues. Antibiotics and anti-rejection drugs are a bit tricky to give together. The one tends to work against the other. Curing an infection without incurring rejection is a balancing act. There are absolutely no signs of rejection. The liver is healthy.

Doctors are also considering some sort of kidney procedure to spur his kidneys into action. They're thinking there may be some kind of blockage created by so much time abed. Sorry this is a bit vague. I only half understand what they're saying...medical terminology is not my forte.

However, this much is clear. Victor needs continued prayer. He is improving. Although the doctors are not sure what is happening, God has it all well in hand. Just keep praying: for his kidneys to begin working, for the infection to heal, for whatever bile leak there may be to cease. And we give thanks for the progress made!

Thanks again for your prayers.


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