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Friday, February 17, 2006

UPDATE. Victor continues in serious condition. He has a very serious infection (still) that is not responding to treatment. The difficulty is that the strong antibiotics needed for the infection endanger the liver. Conversely, the anti-rejection meds for the liver are immune system repressants which hinder his ability to fight infection. Some of the test results which appeared to indicate low liver function were due to the toxins in his blood from the infection. (Don't ask me for details, I am clueless. I am merely a parrot here.) At this point they think the liver is still viable. The doctors are unsure what steps to take, but are continuing with aggressive treatment for the infection. One of the doctors did say that there is a 70% that the liver will become inviable. There is talk of another transplant. But the big IF is the infection issue must be resolved. Yesterday his temperature reached 104 at one point.

You're probably as confused as I am about now. All I can say is, we are still in need of a miracle.


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