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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Are We Having Fun Yet?
Yesterday, at the park
Marilyn and I (me: no make-up but with hair!)

January after a church service
Marilyn and I (Me: wig over bald head)

Our grandkids -- Mine and Marilyn's
(I was interrupting their movie -- thus, the "Cheese" smiles)

Mattea and Mikaela at Festival Park

The girls and I after Mikaela's dance Recital
(Love the little Sailor!)

I think I look a lot better now (Better = less ill!) than in January, in spite of the very short hair (Which I do NOT like). My eyes look healthier, I'm less swollen and my color is much better. I'm getting there, in terms of health.

This was a very busy weekend with Mikaela's recital Friday night -- the same night Marilyn and her girls and grandsons arrived. Then Saturday we played at the park, roller skated, and went to Saturday night Spanish service. Sunday after church and dinner we went to the pool. Monday we played in the park, then with water pistols and later went to Festival Park.

Marilyn and her tribe are on the way we have an ice cream festival tonight. "Make your own Sunday". We handed out 125 coupons for free ice cream. (Church activity...not just our family!!) Are we having fun yet????


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