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Friday, June 01, 2007

I find I'm not getting to blog as often as before. Teresa has been here since the beginning of May. Jaime left the 15th and she stayed. I glanced at my blogs and don't see where I've mentioned them -- except the pictures of Chicago. Probably I'm overlooking my own writing! Honestly, my memory still works on a "some-timers" basis. I'm blaming it on chemotherapy effects and the effect of anesthesia, multiple sessions in the last year and a half. But, maybe it's just old age!!!

Anyway, even though having someone visit is great, and...she helps me with everything. It would seem that with the work divided I'd have more free time, but that isn't so. I'm not sure if I'm just finding more to do -- or working more slowly -- or something!! The upshot is, less time to blog and work on my computer. My book is absolutely nowhere at this moment. I really need to get hopping on that too!

Doctors' appointments continue. I had thought that the therapy for cancer was over -- but no, there's a few more steps apparently. Not as rigorous as previous ones, but still requiring frequent doctor visits. I'll be so glad when this is over. I started hormone therapy this week. And...did a few more tests to see what else is needed. He's doing an iron study with my blood panel this week to try to determine where the persistent anemia comes from. The hormone therapy has been determined to be an addition deterrent to a re-occurrence. The odds are that following hormone therapy, chances of a re-occurrence drop another 50%. So onward and upward. It's all about beating the odds. After the colonoscopy was over, the hemotologist told me he was concerned about colon cancer, that it sometimes works in concert with the breast cancer. Thankfully, in my case it did not!! The colon was good other than a small bleeder and a couple of pollups.

So. The release did not come yet, but the treatments are much more tolerable. For that I'm thanking God. Having Teresa here reminds me how fortunate we are in so many aspects of American life, including advanced medical treatment!!

More later.


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