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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Post-surgery Update
Feeling better than I expected after surgery yesterday. I came home about 1 pm and slept most of the afternoon. In the evening I just sat around and chatted with various people or worked my Suduku (ever tried those??? They can be addicting!!) I didn't eat much, but that's to be expected. The Dr. said only eat if I were hungry. He gave me antibiotic (just a precaution) and two kinds of pain meds. I'm only taking the one for "mild" pain. I really can't tolerate the heavy stuff. And I'm not really in pain...only discomfort...ergo, the mild one makes sense.

But this morning I had a good Mexican breakfast: Beans and rice!! Sure tasted good.

Teresa is still with me. I feel just a tad guilty this morning; she's cleaning the house while I'm on my computer. (Obviously I don't feel guilty enough to get up from here!!) My justification is that she's happy doing it...And I won't let her do anything heavy. We've been doing one project or another together every day, but today I'm not up to anything much. We need to get out our pictures and start albums...probably tomorrow..No, Margaret is here tomorrow...Okay, next week...or over the Memorial Day Weekend.

This sounds more like a note to someone who can read my mind than a public blog...oh, well. I'll try to be more substantive in my next blog. Must be the pain meds.

I am getting sleepy. Probably time for my morning nap. :)


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