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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Health Update
Chemotherapy Over

Officially chemotherapy is finished. I did the last iron infusion last week -- and my hemoglobin is now in the normal range, at 13. (Normal is 12-18) During the colonoscopy, the doctor cauterized the bleeder and removed a couple of pollups. The next step is surgery to complete reconstruction, removed the expander and put in the permanent implant. AND...I get to remove the least I think so. The oncologist will give his final approval on Monday. But in the meantime, surgery is scheduled for the 23rd of May for both procedures.

The remaining difficulty is with the remaining neuropathy in hands and feet. Feet especially are a bit problematic. After walking so far today, I can really feel it. The allergic reaction I had back in December damaged nerves in my hands and feet. The hands are not as bad. It just feels like I have gloves on all the time. The outer layer of skin has no feeling. (I burned myself on an oven shelf the other day and felt no pain. On a bit of heat.) My feet are worse. The three middle toes on both feet are basically asleep. My feet swell easily and then are still and not very flexible. So sometimes getting up it's a bit like walking with clogs on -- no bending. (It's not noisy though!)

So...overall, I'm doing well!


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