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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Here we are with Jaime & Teresa in Chicago last week. We took a ride on the Chicago River and Lake Michigan.
(Left to right: Phylis, Bob, Jaime, Teresa)

Health Update

Not much is new. I'm still not up to full strength. I go for a couple of days now before I have to have a day to do nothing but rest. However, my blood counts are holding in the healthy range: hemoglobin is at 13.8 which is very good. Chemotherapy is over; Iron infusions are over. All that remains is surgery to finish reconstruction and to remove the port -- that's scheduled for the 23rd of May -- next week. Some additional blood panels are being run to determine which, if any, hormone therapy I might need.

Damage still continuing includes perpetual sinusitis, neuropathy in hands and feet, no eyebrows or eyelashes, AND my hair is coming back in light brown, not red. It is starting to curl now. At first it was straight. Maybe the red will come back too. If not, there's always Clairol!



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