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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Jaime, Teresa, Phylis and Bob

Life Goes On

I worked today -- if you can call it work. I went to a seminar. My strength is still not back to normal though. I came home after the seminar and took a nap. And tonight I'm resting -- not doing much. And I have another seminar on Friday. However, after the procedure on May 23rd, I should have time to heal over the summer. I'm looking forward to that!! In the meantime, I have a classroom to pack up next week. That will take several days, but Teresa will help me with that, so it shouldn't be such a problem.

And...there's another service on Saturday night.

Jaime goes home on Tuesday. I think Teresa and I can scale back the activities and get some things accomplished without me burning the candle at both ends.

Here's to balanced living!!


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