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Monday, March 30, 2009

Cultural Mishap

Our usual handyman wasn't available to put away the supplies for the church. Hubby asked the young man across the street who's been shoveling walks this winter to put them away.

He neatly stacked the TP.
Then shelved the paper towels.
Added the trifold towels in their little paper wrap.

Then he put the Kleenex on the shelf.

Kleenex?? Where???

And he said to Bob, "I think I may have blown it."
"What?" Hubby replies.
"Well, I took the Kleenex out of the wrapping" replies our helpful fellow.
And there in the garbage can were the boxes.
"No Problem," replies the ever patient Bob. To me he says, "Guess I gotta find some kind of plastic box to put the Kleenex in."

And our helper heads out to the farm next week to begin his real job. Hope the hay or the feed doesn't end up like our boxless Kleenex.

(BG -- this one is for you!! I know you'll get it!!!)


Ballerina Girl said...

I got it, I got it!!!
Buy the gallon size ziplocks!
You are never going to believe this but my maid did the same thing with the dryer sheets...
YES, dryer sheets from the USA because they barely even have dryers here...
so just buy a bunch of the ziplocks! Works wonders, stays fresh and is basically sanitary!
hahaha, thanks for thinking of me :)

PJ said...

I knew you'd get it!! Household help is not something that is common here -- or is it Churchhold help??

His Girl said...

I think I may have blown it! With the kleenex!


2nd Cup of Coffee said...

Oh, too funny.

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