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Saturday, April 04, 2009

What's been happenin'
The gnomes on the Grass Knoll

Ten days ago, the girls had a manicure and fresh paint for nails, including cute little flowers! I finished Spring Break and went back to school. My picture of the "last" snow pile of the season surrounded by green grass is in my camera on my desk at school. So you are spared that visual detail.

The week at school was....taxing, to say the least. Kids' lives are falling apart, deaths in the family, foreclosed homes, third quarter grades. I tried to help them pick up the pieces. It's exhausting.

Meanwhile, our "bundle" (internet, telephone, television) cable stretched nearly to the ground by the ice/snow storm last Sunday. Some "good samaritan" called the police who called Com Ed, who called our cable company, who cut the line and dragged the cable to the back of the lot. Meantime we were calling our cable company, first to lift the sagging line. Then to repair our "mysteriously" cut line. (We only found out today that it was the cable company who cut it.) The cable company said they were far to busy to come immediately. And of course, they couldn't connect the dots and figure out that the cable which comes from a pole on the other side of the empty lot belonged to our house. Nope guess they figured it belonged to the gnomes living in the grassy knoll!! And since it didn't belong to real people, but gnomes, they didn't think it worth repairing that first time. Sigh. Ah the sensitivity of large companies to respond to real human need. MY NEED -- for a COMPUTER!!!!

Let's see what grief this has caused.

1. Did my multi-cultural report this morning minus the required research.
2. Haven't even begun the research paper due next Wednesday.
3. Couldn't read my email
4. Couldn't blog....or Facebook!! gasp!
5. Didn't get the reflection done in time for class today.
6. Have an additional reflections due on Wednesday.
6. So, that's triple homework for next week
7. We got the syllabus for the next class which begins April 13. Looks like It will require even more work than this one. Whew!!

Work. Work. Work.

Do I sound overwhelmed? I am.

However, "I will look to the hills from whence cometh my help. My help comes from the Lord." Psalms 121:1-2

1 comment:

His Girl said...

oh wow. no internet? oh, that's not even RIGHT!!!

Hope you're feeling extra peace soon!!

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