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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

(not the last book of the Bible, either)

I think I have ADD. I've thought so off and on for years now. Ever since I figured out what ADD was about. Let's see if I can present the evidence:

1. I'm trying to get ready for work. I stop in the kitchen to take my pills. Then I see my keys on the counter.
2. So I go outside and start my car. It's a cold morning. I catch a sight of my reflection in the mirror as I come back in and realize that I don't have my jewelry on.
3. I head to the bedroom to get my jewelry.
4. Back at the kitchen counter, I see my flash drive and realize I'm expecting an email.
5. At my computer, I log in, but leave to go get my glasses since I can't real the email without them.
6. As I pass the counter (again) I realize that I still haven't taken the pills. This time, I actually take them.

7. I go back to the computer, sit down and can't see.
8. Back to the bedroom to look for a pair of reading glasses.

9. Finally, I read the necessary email and with my glasses firmly on my head,
10. I start the search for my keys. I retrace my steps: office, kitchen, bedroom, back to kitchen, ending in my office.
11. Stand still in the middle of the room, look around and THINK.
10. "Oh Yeah. The car is running. They're in the car" I head out the door to work.

Reminds me of the story about the 50-year old woman who had a baby. Her friends came to visit one morning. They asked to see the baby, but the lady said, "Later."

They have tea; they talk.

"Can we see the baby now?"


They talk some more. Relate the latest on dits and then ask, "May we see the baby now?"

"Not yet."

"But why? Why can't you show us the baby."

"I'm waiting for her to wake up and cry. I don't remember where I left her."

Yep. That would be me! So glad I don't have an infant.


ann said...

I seriously have moments like that too! I do things a lot like trying to put the milk away where the laundry detergent goes, or proceeding to put the milk jug cap on Emily's sippy cup but can't quite figure out what's wrong, one time I freaked out because I couldn't get my jeans on, not even past my knees, then I realized I was trying to put Owen's jeans many moments like that. I should blog about it.

I loved reading this post, PJ! You are so cute!

His Girl said...

hahaha. nodding my head in complete identification.

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